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THE HARDY BOYS ONLINE: An unofficial online resource for fans of the Hardy Boys books

Welcome to The Hardy Boys Online.

For 23 years, this website has been a resource for fans of the Hardy Boys books. The site is divided into two major sections:

  • Series info, where you can find booklists for each series, as well as technical information about cover art, revisions, endsheets, ghostwriters, etc.
  • Literary info, where you can delve into the world of the Hardy Boys and read about characters, settings, cases, sleuthing techniques, themes, continuity, style, and other related topics.

Featured book:

What Happened at Midnight (Volume #10 in the Canon, published 1931)

Joe is kidnapped as the clock strikes midnight; after his rescue, the boys travel to New York in pursuit of a ring of diamond smugglers.


2/Sept/2020Thanks to a guest contributor, a new page about the Hardy home has been added.
30/Aug/2020The list of reference books and articles has been updated.
3/July/2019If Simon & Schuster had won the rights to publish volumes 1-58 back in 1979, what would the books have looked like? Here's a gallery of hypothetical covers for Canon volumes 1-58 using the arch layout that appeared on the early Digests.
1/July/2019Just for fun, check out a gallery of modified Tower Treasure covers illustrating all of the different cover formats that were used between 1946 and 1979.
2016Check out Vince Hase's fantastic Hardy Boys/Star Trek mashup: