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THE HARDY BOYS ONLINE: An unofficial online resource for fans of the Hardy Boys books

Welcome to The Hardy Boys Online.

For 14 years, this website has been a resource for fans of the Hardy Boys books. In late 2009, the site moved from Geocities to its new home at In the process, it's gained a fresh new look, improved navigation, and new content (with much more in the works). The site is divided into two major sections:

  • Series info, where you can find booklists for each series, as well as technical information about cover art, revisions, endsheets, ghostwriters, etc.
  • Literary info, where you can delve into the world of the Hardy Boys and read about characters, settings, cases, sleuthing techniques, themes, continuity, style, and other related topics.

Featured book:

The Secret of the Caves (Volume #7 in the Canon, published 1929)

A woman asks the boys to track down her missing brother, whom they discover is suffering from amnesia and living as a hermit in the caves near Bayport.


22/Feb/2011Added plot summaries for the original and revised editions of the Canon and added cover images for the Digests, Casefiles, Clues Brothers, Undercover Brothers, Graphic novels, and Secret Files.
10/Jan/2011The Front cover design (Canon) page has been updated, with new information about the typefaces used on the covers, as well as more examples.
09/Jan/2011The Spine design (Canon) page now describes the evolution of the formatting of PC spines in excruciating detail, with many images.