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THE HARDY BOYS ONLINE: An unofficial online resource for fans of the Hardy Boys books

Literary information

In contrast to the Series Info section, which examines the technical side of the books, this section is about what lies between the covers -- the world that the Hardy Boys live in. I'll refer to this as the "literary" side of the books (though, of course, some people would take issue with the application of that term here!). The pages in this section are divided into the following categories:

Characters - Bios of the main and supporting characters; discussion of the Hardy Boys' life and vehicles.
Setting - Information about Bayport, the Hardy home, and the passage of time and seasons.
Cases - A rundown of all apsects of the boys' sleuthing portfolio: villains, allies, travel, perils, loot, rewards, etc.
Sleuthing techniques - Disguises, aliases, reconnaissance, codes, etc.
Thematic and stylistic matters - More truly literary topics, such as continuity, language, themes, attitudes, and sexuality.