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THE HARDY BOYS ONLINE: An unofficial online resource for fans of the Hardy Boys books

Recent updates

February 20-22, 2011

January 7-10, 2011

  • The Front cover design (Canon) page has been updated, with new information about the typefaces used on the covers, as well as more examples.
  • The Spine design (Canon) page now describes the evolution of the formatting of PC spines in excruciating detail.
  • Added info and scans to the back covers (Canon) page.
  • Increased the page width and added new header images.
  • Photo of webmaster added to about/contact page.

February 14-15, 2010

  • Display and navigation of book details and cover art has been greatly enhanced, including dedicated pages for each book/cover along with links to the preceding and following book/cover and other related information. For examples, see:
  • The header at the top of each page now rotates randomly between 4 different images. A random "featured book" also appears on the main page.

February 11, 2010

November 7-8, 2009